Switzerland has, for decades, had a good reputation as a safe haven for private assets. In view of the development of the international financial markets, we recommend our clients to not just simply deposit all of their assets in the bank. Investment in companies or real estate offer attractive and safe alternatives to guarantee the preservation of your assets.

Individual consultancy.

Our clients receive individual consultation which is tailored to their financial circumstances and personal desires.

Investment in Swiss companies.

Investment in a Swiss company can be especially attractive for investors with a commercial background who have suitable expertise in the industry. mT consulting AG serves as a platform to bring investors and companies together. Through our business network, we are connected to a wide range of companies which can prepare interesting offers for investors, for example in the form of private equity investments.

Safeguarding assets through real estate.

We know the real estate markets in Switzerland and abroad like the back of our hand. Our real estate specialists have a wealth of experience in planning, managing and marketing real estate projects in Switzerland and other international locations.

consultancy for interested parties from abroad.

Real estate in good locations in Switzerland offers a high level of investment security and allows the investment to increase in value. One special feature of the local real estate market is the fact that Swiss legislation has, in the form of the so-called Friedrich / Koller law, created rather large obstacles for foreign investors to purchase domestic real estate. However, there are exceptions and approval procedures tailored to individual cases as well as opportunities to invest in a Swiss real estate project as an investor.

Real estate projects abroad.

Another option are real estate projects abroad which have been initiated and are managed by a company based in Switzerland. Investors and real estate specialists are able to put their faith in our wealth of experience in this area and profit from our competent consultancy in the planning, marketing and management of real estate projects abroad.

The execution of real estate projects abroad through a Swiss-based company means added investment security for investors and can also lead to considerable fiscal benefits.