Thanks to this fancy library, a set of data structures and algorithms is readily available for us to use. Furthermore, by using the graphene_ray_t helper, we also benefit from vectorized operations. Download Anne-Sophie Mutter, Vienna Philharmonic & John Williams – John ... 02 – Excerpts (From “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”) 03 – Devil’s Dance (From “The Witches of Eastwick”) 04 – Adventures on Earth (From “E.T. They are: One thing we’ve wanted to improve for some time is the reliance on the alphabetical grid of launchers. The frame scheduling related logic (including flip counting, schedule time calculation, etc) was spread out in ClutterMasterClockDefault, ClutterStage, ClutterStageCogl, MetaRendererNative, MetaStageNative, and MetaStageX11, but has now now been concentrated to ClutterFrameClock and ClutterStageView alone. The key goal of the exercise was to identify typical workloads as well as the extremes, in order to inform our design requirements around the shell and the overview. Despite using various types from Graphene, only recently Mutter moved away from its own internal implementation of matrices (CoglMatrix) to graphene_matrix_t, which allowed for another 4-digit code cleanup. Ideally we’d like the features in this popover to be grouped in a more semantic way and easier to navigate to, especially with touchpads and touchscreens. A number of other small bugs and crashes were fixed for 3.36.1. It’s hard to believe, but we’re coming up on 10 years of GNOME Shell. When you hover a button inside an application, for example, it is common that the application will only redraw that specific button, and will tell Mutter which region of it needs to be updated on screen. By representing clips in 3D space, we can avoid projecting 3D actors in 2D planes over and over, which is yet another significant optimization of the rendering process. The rendered contents of labels are now cached in the GPU. For example, if you observe that technically expert users tend to use the keyboard more, and you know that you have a lot of technically expert users, you can make a guess that keyboard use is important for the population as a whole. Nevertheless, hearing such well put-together, brilliantly orchestrated and colourful music (Close Encounters of the Third Kind, 1977, Spielberg, and Jaws, 1975, also Spielberg) remains a pleasure at all times. Not touching the GPU while picking, and (most importantly) not downloading GPU contents, was a considerable improvement. We also ran a small survey, to get some baseline numbers on user behaviour. GNOME Shell now supports the PrefersNonDefaultGPU key of the Desktop File specification, and will set the appropriate environment variables to launch applications using a dedicated GPU when available. Mutter Mutter .. Switching the scale of a monitor now should update all interface elements properly on GNOME Shell. We did include some relatively non-technical users, but the sample as a whole was skewed towards the more technical/professional end of the spectrum, and was taken from organisations that are invested in the Linux/GNOME desktop to varying degrees. A good example of this is the app grid: The first page opens with a “swarm” animation from the app grid icon, but then additional pages appear from outside the viewport. - Does not expose the concept of "window manager" to the user. Das 80000 qm große Klinikgelände grenzt von 2 Seiten direkt an die Ostsee. An unfortunate oversight was causing the Do Not Disturb setting to be reset on startup. The results vary from hardware to hardware, but in principle this should reduce CPU and GPU usage and, consequently, improve performance. Wherever possible, we are planning on landing UI changes incrementally, with an emphasis on maintaining a releasable product. (Both of those original performances came from Itzhak Perlman and it’s interest how different the two virtuosos sound – both brilliant, but familiarity will probably mean the Perlman versions will remain most people’s go-tos.) - Does not expose the concept of "window manager" to the user. Ensuring excellent quality is a high priority for us. Mutter Mutter .. Being able to scoot around different areas of the desktop using a touchpad (or, indeed, a touchscreen) would be a big win and is something we are keen to allow. Deluxe Edition features 6 additional tracks, as well as Blu-ray Disc. Interview-based research is a classic research approach for answering these kinds of questions, which are particularly appropriate to ask early on in a design process, when the emphasis is on exploration, insight and understanding. Google Summer of Code student Mariana is continuing to work on grouping notifications, and we expect it to be ready for the release after next. Vater, Mutter, Kind S. Bocky. It’s been a while since we last blogged about the GNOME Shell design work that’s been happening. Pasting images from Firefox does not freeze apps, specially Xwayland apps, anymore. The other thing that repeatedly came up as a positive aspect of the existing design is its none-distracting nature. That said, we think it’s important not to think about these ideas in isolation, but as part of a more comprehensive vision for the future. In the rest of this post, I’ll briefly describe the design in its current form, before going on to outline the roadmap for what’s going to happen between now and GNOME 40. Launchers can be re-arranged at will, both within multiple pages as well as using folders. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that a team has been working on updated designs for the Activities Overview. The design team is also exploring various concepts for the shell, which we hope to present in the not too distant future. We want to represent the grouping variable gender on the X-axis and stress_psych should be displayed on the Y-axis. The main difference between the new design and current GNOME is the orientation of the app grid pages, which are now horizontal rather than vertical, as part of the general spatial reorganisation of the overview. We also have an issue for tracking the initiative in the gnome-shell project. Art by Independent Artists. While routinely profiling Mutter, it was noticed that an abnormally high number of safety type checks were happening in a rendering hot path, during the redraw cycle. Weitere Ideen zu mutter kind, fotoideen, foto kinder. John Williams (4), Anne-Sophie Mutter, Wiener Philharmoniker: John Williams (4), Anne-Sophie Mutter, Wiener Philharmoniker - John Williams In Vienna ‎ (2xLP, Gat) Deutsche Grammophon: 00289 483 9333: Germany: 2020: Sell This Version From the development perspective, the 3.36.0 release was fantastic, and the number of regressions relative to the massive amount of changes that happened during the last cycle was remarkably small. Tracklist: 1. A large surgery on Mutter’s fork of Clutter implemented a new frame clock, and made each ClutterStageView create its own frame clock, and that allowed monitors not to interfere with each other. The Extensions app saw some improvements too. You may have noticed that we’ve mentioned Graphene multiple time throughout this article. Right now, it has a fixed refresh rate, and a single “frame listener” and “presenter” notifying about frames being presented. It was in this year that the young artist would not only achieve a stylistic breakthrough in his art, but would also establish the universally compelling allegory of Mother and Child as an enduring theme in his work. Our Plugins are add-ons that serve to aide WordPress-powered builds - we develop handy extensions . The rest of this post will be devoted to the interview exercise that we conducted. Mutter Mutter .. On the X11 front, Mutter now respects manually configured RandR panning on X11, and a bug preventing the correct monitor scale from being applied on X11 was also fixed. In the German dubbed version of 2001: A Space Odyssey the HAL 9000 computer sings " Hänschen klein " (instead of " Daisy Bell ") while deactivated, possibly because in 1958 a Z22 computer had been programmed by the employees of Konrad Zuse to sing the tune in a demonstration. During each interview, we got general background information about the interviewee and their computing activities. 24.05.2017 - Erkunde Christian Meyers Pinnwand „mutter mit kind“ auf Pinterest. When bypassing the compositor, the window’s content is put directly on screen, without any unnecessary compositing. Theme. All the user research has given us confidence in the design. Workspaces are arranged horizontally, and have a physical quality to them. This indirect relationship is now made explicit, and the timeline uses the actor to find what stage view it is being displayed on, and with that information, picks an appropriate frame clock to attach to. In subsequent posts, members of the team will provide more detail on the design itself and the research that has been conducted. Mockups for the designs can be found in the os-mockups repository. This is quite a substantial change in how painting works in mutter, API changes could not be avoided. On Saturday, January 18 and Sunday, January 19, 2020, two very special concerts were held at the Musikverein in Vienna (Austria), entitled ‘A tribute to John Williams’, where John Williams conducted the Wiener Philharmoniker / Vienna Philharmonic, with the participation of Anne-Sophie Mutter, to perform a program completely dedicated to the work of Williams, with […] Open the Activities Overview, and you’re again presented with an empty space in the middle of the screen. Initial 3.38 work includes an improved Bluetooth state reporting, and the usage of JavaScript promises to simplify various asynchronous operations. The survey element of our research was a smaller exercise than the interviews, so I won’t go into it in much detail. Some signals saw their type signatures change, namely. We had some developers, but we also had people who work in sales, marketing and support. Based on the above analysis, here are some tentative high-level goals for where we want to take the shell over the next few years: In order to achieve these goals, these are some more concrete things we want to focus over the next few cycles (the previous blog post discusses these plans in more detail): More medium-term, we’d also like to look at these: Of course, some of these goals are much easier to achieve than others. Stream songs including “The Flight to Neverland (From "Hook" / Live)”, “Excerpts (From "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" / Live)” and more. 64 (1844)1. Damage tracking, especially when combined with shadow framebuffers, is now working reliably and correctly. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. We are already planning additional rounds of research (which we will endeavour to blog about in a more timely fashion!) The goals of the interviews was to a) get general information on how the shell gets used, b) evaluate how the existing shell design is performing, and c) identify ways in which the shell could be improved for our users. Together, these changes bring polish and robustness, and add up for small but noticeable improvements to the experience of using GNOME on a daily basis. April then ended with the release of both GNOME Shell 3.36.2 as well as 3.37.1. When it isn’t possible to compartmentalise UI changes, we are planning on making development builds available early, in order to carry out testing and iteration over a longer period. We’ve written about this feature (regional clipping) before, in a previous article. As a consequence, this development summary will have an above average number of changes to highlight. The limited Deluxe Edition John Williams – Live in Vienna is the only version of this release that contains the unique concert experience on Blu-ray, offering six additional tracks and a breathtaking Dolby Atmos surround sound mix for the perfect concert experience at home (available in both video and audio-only versions). We identified themes and patterns. Windows and macOS have equivalents to many of GNOME Shell’s individual features, but there’s no way to do it all from one place in such an ergonomic way. 15. Most of the interviewees identified things that they like about the current shell design. Super + PgUp to move to the workspace above) which are more intuitive than non-directional ones (e.g. Four theatrical productions were produced in Switzerland and Germany from 1941 to 1952, the last three supervised and/or directed by Brecht, who had returned to East Germany from the United States. This experience isn’t particularly helpful, and doesn’t draw or guide the user into the experience. Calendar events are now displayed below the actual calendar, and sections as more visually prominent. The first thing to say here is that small-N studies (those with a small number of participants) are valuable and can deliver significant insights, and have important advantages over large-N surveys. This allows Mutter to only redraw the region of the screen that should be updated on the next frame. (Some readers might be more familiar with usability testing as the means through which data-driven design gets done, and that is a useful approach, but it typically happens later in the process.). Here’s what we did…. For example, workspaces are arranged in a vertical row, which you can cycle through via touchpad gestures or directional keyboard shortcuts. Back then, Wayland was still in its early infancy, and those assumptions wouldn’t conflict with writing a X11 window manager. Though this is not something you encounter very often, it’s definitely not a good first impression. It’s worth noting that many of these are still at an early stage, and subject to change. Most of the time when leaving the current activity you don’t start a new one (e.g. This sequence can be panned and scrolled. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for John Williams in Vienna - John Williams, Wiener Philharmoniker, Anne-Sophie Mutter on AllMusic - 2020 WEN Themes is dedicated to making the web convenient and elegant through offerings of simple and clean themes - we are committed to sensible WordPress Theme development . We also got a hint that onboarding might be a struggle for some, and we got a clear message that touchpad gestures need to be improved (confirming one of our initial hypotheses). Art by Independent Artists. Silahkan lapor apabila terdapat kesulitan penggunaan tema ini. Interviewees paid the shell compliments by saying things like “it’s not cluttered” and “it gets out of my way”. This means there’s no extra button to click, or separate keyboard shortcut to learn. It’s the center of the shell experience, the place to see what’s happening on the system at a glance, switch activities, or start new ones. In the 2020 edition of the Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC), we had the opportunity to be part of the debut of the Applications Ecossystem Micro-Conference, together with the Flatpak and Plasma Mobile projects: We highly recommend everyone to watch and appreciate all three LPC talks in this video, for they contain lots of valuable and interesting information.